What are your CUSTOM wedding package prices?

We understand what couples go through when they get engaged. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has helped many unique and qualified couples find peace of mind knowing they can trust we are going to take care of them.
What people don't often realize is The Bell Tower on 34th has multiple beautiful spaces and ballroom combinations to choose from.  For qualified clients, your ceremony room and ballroom combinations and designs are customized to fit your exact event needs.
In addition to your main menu, clients may also be approved to choose from a variety of bar packages priced from beer, wine and Champagne only up to our Platinum Bar Package.

Yes, but what is included?

The venue is beautiful, the service is great, the food is terrific. But then, all venues say that about themselves.

But here at The Bell Tower on 34th there is so much more than just quality. Satisfied clients will agree, you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to have your wedding here.

Our experienced and knowledgeable event producers have helped many special clients. If you become a client, we help keep you organized and informed giving you lots of options to choose from, including different ballrooms and plenty of places to take pictures.

Special custom packages are designed to deliver excellent events and our entire company works hard to put that in motion right away.

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But I have to know a detailed price before I come in!

It's custom. Qualified brides may select from ballroom spaces, choose a ceremony space and set menu preferences. It really is best to come in for a consultation. You don't want to miss the opportunity. After all, it's your one day!