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The Bell Tower on 34th                                                                                                   _________________________________________

901 West 34th                                                                                                                          _________________________________________

Houston, TX 77018                                                                         _________________________________________


You are hereby authorized to release and rebook the space of our previously scheduled event and reschedule our event THIS ONE TIME ONLY.


Previously scheduled event date:  ______________________________ New Event Date: ______________________________                                                                

Previously scheduled event time:  ______________________________     New Event Time:  ______________________________                                                           

I understand the cancellation policy, as per our signed agreements, and also understand that The Bell Tower on 34th is not obligated to refund any payments. Non-refundable payments are transferable this one time only, based on availability, within 12 months of the date of your cancellation of your event. Your new date must be selected before the date of cancellation. New pricing and terms and conditions for the new event date may apply at the time of cancellation and rescheduling. For cancellations made less than 120 days prior to the date of your event, there is NO POSTPONEMENT OR RESCHEDULING OPTION.


Agreed to and unconditionally accepted on this _______________________________  day of _______________________.


Client/Lessee:                                                                                                         The Bell Tower on 34th

Signed by:  _________________________________________               _________________________________________  

Printed name:  ______________________________________               _________________________________________                       


Reason for reschedule:




                             OFFICE USE ONLY: All Bell Tower on 34th staff and/or rentals                                and additional vendors have been notified.


Representative:  _________________________________________                                    Date:  _________________________________________