BELL TOWER GROUP LLC                                                             ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SERVICE POLICY STATEMENT

Bell Tower Group LLC is committed to the responsible service of alcoholic beverages at
this establishment. In accordance with this commitment, all employees are to follow these
policies and the procedural actions provided in furtherance of these policies. Each employee
will sign and acknowledge the policy and procedures document as evidence of full
understanding of this company's policy regarding sale, service and consumption of alcoholic
beverages to minors and/or intoxicated persons at this establishment.
Each employee must follow the provisions of this company's policies and procedures.
The following merely highlights the policies and procedures.

1) No employee will serve an alcoholic beverage to any person under the age of 21. It is the
company's policy to intervene when a violation is observed, such as a minor being provided a
drink by third parties. All employees are obligated to inform their supervisor when intervention
attempts fail.

2) All employees will carefully check the identification of all customers who appear to be
under thirty (30) years of age by:

a) Reviewing a proof of identification containing a photograph and physical
description consistent with the appearance of the person presenting the
identification and purporting to be issued by a governmental agency indicating that
the person is 21 years old or older. The proof may be a driver's license or
identification card issued by the Department of Public Safety, a passport, or military
identification card.

b) Carefully checking the proof of identification of any person ordering a drink for a
minor and representing himself or herself to be a spouse, guardian or parent to
determine its authenticity, by reading the information contained thereon;

c) Reporting to your supervisor if there is any appearance of forgery or tampering with
the personal identification.

3) If a person cannot or will not show proper identification, or in case of doubt, the
employee will refuse service of alcoholic beverages to the person.

4) No employee will sell, serve or deliver an alcoholic beverage to any person who is, or
appears to be, intoxicated or to anyone to the point of intoxication. It is the employee's
responsibility to notify your supervisor when a customer shows signs of intoxication or is
requesting alcoholic beverages above the limits of responsible beverage service.