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Leslie "G" has been creating stylish, elegant and beautiful events for a decade and has produced and delivered hundreds of events at The Bell Tower on 34th since 2010. Known for her attention to detail, discretion and personal touch, her clients have included celebrities, business professionals and couples.  Over the years, Leslie has established close business relationships with talented specialists and her expertise derives from her educational background in hotel and business management from The University of Houston. Leslie has planned annual events for the following businesses and organizations: The Orange Show Gala, The Houston Museum of Natural Science and The Houston Symphony, and many more. Leslie specializes in wedding planning, corporate event planning, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and luxury social events. As an experienced Houston event planner, Leslie believes in creating a signature event that truly reflects the client. Nothing less than perfect is Leslie's commitment to all of her clients. Leslie can assist you at any stage of your event process. Operating as your personal event planner and coordinator, Leslie's versatility and creativity can assist you in organizing a small and intimate event for 12 or a media-blitzed event for 500 or more. For an unparalleled and breathtaking event, Leslie Gonsalves is your event's new best friend.

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Donna Chun graduated from The University of Houston with a bachelor's degree in business management and a minor in business marketing. Donna has designed and produced hundreds of events at The Bell Tower on 34th since 2010 and is dedicated and hands-on in designing events that are custom tailored for every client. Born and raised in southern Texas, Donna brings her warmth and energy to The Bell Tower on 34th. Donna has a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. She values hard work, loves family, friends, and of course good food! As a hopeless romantic who always loves to keep busy and welcomes a good challenge, Donna's charm and charisma is brought to every client. She will meet your needs and desires in bringing your unique vision to life. Add a touch of Donna to your very special event!

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With almost a decade of experience in event planning, Angie Stubler has produced and delivered over three hundred and fifty events at The Bell Tower on 34th since joining the team in 2011. Angie understands how stressful and meticulous planning an event can be. She believes in taking care of her clients by providing them with the customer service and the attentiveness that they deserve. As a Texas A&M graduate with a bachelor's in management, Angie is also a knowledgeable business woman who has the heart, passion and eye for details to make your dream event come to life. She stays up to date on the new event trends and styles. Her talent and upbeat attitude pour out to her clients which makes for an easy planning process and an unforgettable event! Angie is also an expert in personal training and workout camps and is a full time advocate in the importance of health and fitness.

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Meredith graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor's degree in business management and marketing. After working in marketing and in the events industry for a few years, Meredith is thrilled to be on the team as an event producer at The Bell Tower on 34th. In her spare time, Meredith loves to travel. She has been fortunate to travel to several different countries as well as most of the United States and loves to seek adventure. Even if it is just a small day trip to a nearby town, she is always looking for something new to see or do. Meredith knows how stressful planning an event can be, and is committed to making the process easy and enjoyable for her clients. As a certified wedding and event planner (CWEP), her attention to detail and passion for events ensure she will deliver an excellent experience you will never forget.

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Ashton graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with a bachelor's in fashion retail management. After working in the fashion industry for many years in New York City, she moved back to Houston. Her eye for fashion and knowledge of the latest trends serve her clients very well in producing events at the Bell Tower. In her spare time you can find her testing out the new restaurants around town because she is a true foodie at heart. Along with being a foodie she is also an extreme animal lover and enjoys fostering dogs that need a good home. Ashton understands the stress that comes along with an event that is why she will take all the pressure off your shoulders and ensure a smooth, stress-free and unforgettable experience delivering an excellent event you will never forget.

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Executive Chef

Executive Chef Sergio Arellano scores a ten for delicious food. He has almost two decades of professional international cooking and kitchen management experience backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement as a leader. Personally responsible for delivering over six million delicious meals worldwide and counting, Chef Sergio insists on providing high quality food and nutrition using fresh, wholesome ingredients. His leadership and know-how is respected by true chefs, employees and fans that have enjoyed his cuisine and followed his career for ages. For The Bell Tower on 34th, Chef Arellano has attracted and recruited a fantastic cohesive team of the best talented culinary professionals and experts who aim to deliver the most delicious international cuisine for our guests from all over the world. Everything is authentic, any of the unlimited exotic flavors of the world - "Just let us know what your taste buds crave. It’s all a part of our goal, to deliver excellent events no one will ever forget.”

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President & CEO

Roger Igo has been responsible for thousands of events, large and small, for almost 30 years. His leadership acumen first gained widespread notoriety more than 25 years ago in the music entertainment industry, leading Global Village Enterprises from it’s world headquarters since 1990, and co-founding World Records in 1992. Roger is a former council cabinet member of the World Affairs Council of Houston, served on the board of the International Live Events Association (formerly known as the International Special Events Society), a current member of the National Association of Catering Executives, as well as Meeting Professionals International. Never satisfied, Roger continues to refine and polish The Bell Tower on 34th.  Mr. Igo is also a former radio host, contributing writer, a graduate of CEO Space International, and an alumnus of The Disney Institute.

“At Bell Tower Group, USA our goal is to deliver excellent events. Our teams and facilities accomplish that!”

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