Read the terms of the contract.

Designate a Single Point of Contact.

Seriously consider Event Cancellation and Postponement Insurance.

Login to CustomerHub (learn your way around).

Make sure the Invitations MATCH the contract.

Finalize your Food Selections early.

Send us your Menu Cards - Do they match the contract?

Make your 90 Day Payment.

Sign your Final Floor Plan (and bring it to your final details meeting).

Sign your final Timeline (and bring it to your final details meeting).

Sign and Approve Non-Food and Beverage Selections.

Enter your vendors in the CustomerHub portal (Do they have insurance?).

Attend your Final Details Meeting.

Meet the minimum spend requirement.

Make your 30 Day Payment.

Provide Final Guest Count adjustments (It can only increase within 30 days).

Make your extra payment (if applicable).

Turn in your Ceremony Order (if applicable).

Click HERE to download this Checklist