Important Event Countdown Information

We are counting down the days until your special day!

Just a reminder, you may have a payment about to be due. This may be your only notice. Ninety days before your event date, no less than half of your remaining balance is due. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your event date.

To make an online payment please visit and use your username and password.

NINETY DAYS BEFORE YOUR EVENT - Please make sure you have already scheduled your tasting or portrait session using your Bell Tower Customer Hub. Although your payment due date won't change, now is also a great time to firm up details such as special Bell Tower Lighting and Bell Tower Candle Packages. You also need to make special arrangements to finalize any floor plan changes or menu selection changes if you have not done so. If you have any questions or any other special needs, please feel free to ask your representative. For your convenience, ground transportation such as our classic Rolls Royce may be booked by calling your representative.

THIRTY DAYS BEFORE YOUR EVENT - This the time to make sure your final guest count has been confirmed with your representative. Within 30 days of your event date, your final guest count may not go down. If you are unsure about your guest count, your payment is still due.

If you have any questions or special needs, please feel free to ask your representative. We want to make sure we deliver an excellent and unforgettable event.

TWO WEEKS CHECKLIST - Two weeks before your event date you may add to your guest count but you may not lower your guest count and an additional payment will be due for the additional guests. Also, by two weeks before your event, any special information about food allergies, custom lighting colors, gobo designs, custom beverage selections, signature cocktail recipes, final floor plans, seating arrangements, timeline adjustments, vendor contact sheet (required), specific signage requests, or any other last minute changes hopefully have all been completed, finalized, and confirmed with your representative. It is advisable that you reconfirm details with all vendors and ground transportation, including hotel shuttles, the week of your event.

REHEARSALS - If your event includes a rehearsal, please ask participants to use valet if present or to self park in the front parking lot and go directly to the ceremony rehearsal space. There is a strong possibility there will be another event going on or being set up. We ask that your guests stay within the rehearsal area and do not roam the building or occupy any other space in the building before, during, or after your rehearsal. As a reminder if your rehearsal starts late and finishes late, you will be automatically billed an additional $150. On rehearsal day, changing rooms are not available for your use. Please make plans to vacate the building promptly to make room for the next event. You are restricted from leaving equipment or electronics overnight. If you have any questions at this time, please do not hesitate to contact your representative.

EVENT DAY - Your event date. Just a few reminders of some items that are often overlooked which can help to make your event day run more smoothly. Please advise your vendors, volunteers or wedding party not to arrive early. The Bell Tower on 34th does not have any accommodations for early check-in or early arrival and unfortunately they may be asked to wait until the contracted time due to previously scheduled events.

ALCOHOL - As a reminder, please be advised Texas law prohibits outside alcoholic beverages other than alcohol served by The Bell Tower on 34th and is strictly prohibited and enforced and will result in a minimum automatic fine of $5000 per can or bottle and your event may be closed down with no further notice or monetary refunds. This includes wine, beer, flasks, or any other container and/or party favors, auction items and/or giveaways. We suggest a gentle reminder to invited guests such as members of the bridal party, musicians, and any other guest you feel might need reminding.

DRESSING ROOMS - These are available for use two hours before your ceremony when a wedding ceremony is booked in the Campanile, Contessa, or Candela. For daytime weddings, the dressing rooms, aka The Ladies Salon and President's Lounge must be vacated at the event end time; no breakdown time is allowed after the event for the dressing rooms. Extended uses of the dressing rooms is available at the rate of $100 per hour based upon availability, consumption charges apply. The Bell Tower on 34th is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

EXTENDED HOURS - Early load-in/setup: any event time exceeding the standard four hours allotted time will incur an automatic charge of $500 per hour / per event room plus a charge for all required staff brought in early or held late. Bar overtime will also be billed automatically to the master account (subject to availability).

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED - We encourage you to advise guests who are bringing children to your special event that The Bell Tower on 34th staff will not be attending to unsupervised children.

Events are our expertise. Please feel free to contact your representative for any reason.

Our goal is to deliver excellent events no one will ever forget! We are looking forward to your big day!




The Bell Tower on 34th delivery team.