All policies that apply to vendors also apply to friends or members of the family that may be providing decorations or other services such as floral, linens, cake, DJ services and the like.

The client has agreed to provide a full and complete list of outside vendors utilized, if any, and provide complete contact information for each. The client has already agreed to assume all financial responsibility for uninsured vendors which are not provided through The Bell Tower on 34th.

The Bell Tower on 34th and staff will not be responsible for vendor deliveries or sign for vendor rentals when they are not a part of the agreement.

All items used in decorating must be removed at the conclusion of the event. If you do not clean up after yourselves your client will automatically be billed.

The Bell Tower on 34th must have your current insurance paperwork on file one week prior to the event setup. insurance must be kept current.                         The Bell Tower on 34th must have insurance of any and all subsequent suppliers and/or sub vendors.




The client has already agreed in writing, including early load-in/setup: ANY EVENT exceeding the arrival, start and end times in this agreement, whether early or late, will incur an automatic charge of $500 per hour/per event room plus applicable charges for all required staff brought in early or held late. Bar overtime will also be billed automatically to the master account (subject to availability). If/when an overlap option has been purchased for $2000, the extended hours rate does not apply until after 6 p.m. This policy is strictly enforced and in full effect.



Do not load in at the front door. (Even if it is two hours before the event starts).
All vendors need to load in at the back of the facility. Do not use valet parking or park in the front areas.
All vendor employees and staff must park in the designated vendor parking area
Tall vehicles are not allowed to enter in the main front driveway. You must check in or call ahead to have the service gate opened for you.
If the gates are closed, please remain on the street side with the hazards on, while you request the gate be opened for you.
If you need more than three dedicated 20 amp circuits you need to make prior arrangements with the Bell Tower staff.
Vendors, employees and staff need to be in a uniform during an event. Please dress clean and professional and do not wear jeans or t-shirts during events.
Vendors are required to clean up when your part of the event is completed.
Fireworks, snow, and fog are not permitted at The Bell Tower On 34th.

Click here to download load in information.



If you notice any damage to the facility, report it immediately.
Use of duct tape is NOT allowed at the Bell Tower.
The Bell Tower does not provide safety pins, Velcro, tape, extension cords, printing copies, staples, pens, or any other supplies for vendors.
Attaching anything to the building walls ceiling or floor must be pre-approved.
If you require more than three 20 amp circuits for your setup, please visit the facility prior to the day of the event.



Use of alcohol by vendors or their staff members during an event is not allowed.
Vendors may not smoke in front of guests.
Trash is not to be carried through the ballroom during an event.



Do not leave items overnight.
Items need to be removed by the end of each event unless otherwise pre-approved.
All trash is to be taken to and placed inside of the dumpsters.